10 good ideas for your garden from RHS Hampton Court

How to translate the show garden look into a small garden, a middle-sized back yard or a difficult garden corner. Or just enjoy seeing the gardens! Be inspired by 10 top ideas from the show gardens at RHS Hampton Court Garden Festival.

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0:00 Welcome
0:51 Charlie’s Courtyard Garden designed by Jane Scott Moncreiff
0:57 The Ability Garden by Tony Wagstaff and Ben Wincott
1:09 Cultivate London in the allotment part of the show
1:16 The Punk Rockery Garden by Amanda Grimes
1:20 Get Up and Grow Garden by Lucy Hutchings
1:30 Manicured lawns and borders are being replaced by naturalistic planting and paths.
1:35 Garden for a Green Future by Jamie Butterworth. The plants in the foreground are Helianthus salicifolius.
1:39 The blue flowers are Aster frikarti ‘Monch’
1:44 Blue flowers include Salvia pratensis (Meadow sage)
2:15 (and elsewhere) Hardy’s Cottage Garden Plants suppliers of perennial plants online and from the nursery: https://www.youtube.com/user/HardysCottageGarden
2:31 RHS Garden for a Green Future by Jamie Butterworth
2:36 RHS Iconic Horticultural Hero Garden by Tom Stuart-Smith
3:21 Know where your plants come from – buy local if possible
The Independent Plant Nurseries Guide (UK) http://independentplantnurseriesguide.uk/
The British Plant Nursery Guide: http://britishplantnurseryguide.co.uk/
3:42 Border from the RHS Iconic Horticultural Hero Garden. The tall spiky plants are Perovskia ‘Blue Spire’
3:53 The purple plant far right is probably Salvia ‘Dear Anja’ or Salvia ‘Amethyst’
4:08 The Sunnyside Rural Trust https://www.sunnysideruraltrust.org.uk/
4:34 Why you benefit from buying locally grown plants or plants from specialist nurseries
5:03 ‘Natural’ looking paths instead of hard landscaping
5:24 Adapting the ‘natural path’ look to a small garden
5:35 No lawn or re-wild your lawn
6:22 The Viking Friluftsliv Garden by Will Williams
6:47 Multi-stemmed trees and shrubs to create light and planting space at ground level
6:59 The Viking Friluftsliv Garden
7:08 The Communication Garden by Amelia Bouquet
7:40 Mix patterns when laying pavers and terraces
8:03 APL A Place to Meet Again Garden by Mike Long
8:10 Long narrow ponds to save space
8:17 The Communication Garden
8:46 Recycle, upcycle and re-use – don’t waste anything
8:52 The Bird and Blend Tea Co garden
8:55 The Land Gardeners – Climate Compost
9:08 Mike Long Garden Design: https://www.mikelonggardendesign.com/
10:34 The Punk Rockery Garden is designed by Amanda Grimes
11:06 Outdoor kitchens are at the top of the luxury shopping list
11:21 The video with Dan Cooper’s outdoor kitchen tips is here: https://youtu.be/SSG9B8Em0Mk
11:22 Kitchen by Canopies & Kitchens
11:28 No Dig/No Till goes mainstream
11:47 How No Dig Works for Flower Borders, interview with Charles Dowding: https://youtu.be/MqfFOdup8Wc
Stephanie Hafferty No Dig Home: https://nodighome.com/blog-posts/
12:00 Mix vegetables with flowers
12:05 Get Up And Grow Garden by Lucy Hutchings https://www.shegrowsveg.com/
12:17 Video about edible flowers with Tanya of Lovely Greens: https://youtu.be/nOr_Sqj7pDc
12:34 Friends of Ascott Allotments
12:51 The Punk Rockery by Amanda Grimes

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