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Hello friends,
In this video, I will show you flavoured milk/milkshake ideas & recipes of 8 different types that you can serve to your 1+ year baby and toddler.

Few of the recipes shared are for weight gain in babies, while others are for increasing height or brain development, so make sure to watch all recipes.

As soon as you have introduced your baby with cow’s milk, honey and nuts you can start using these recipes.

Disclaimer: Please check if your child has any allergies before using any of the mentioned recipe.

Also watch “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner recipes for 7-12 months baby”, where I have mentioned a complete diet chart food recipes for infants and toddlers.
These are specially Indian vegetarian food options that you can serve your baby. You will find recipe for most grains like wheat, semolina, lentils, also dairy, fruits and vegetables. These are all healthy and weight gaining recipes for your baby, so do check it out.

Milk Recipes:

• Dry Dates powder
To make dry dates powder, take 250 grams of dry dates or khajoor, cut them into pieces and sun dry for 2 days till it turns hard and looses all moisture.
Than blend it and sieve it to get a fine powder. You will have to repeat this blend and sieve process few times, depending on how dry dates are.
You can add this to baby’s milk, kheer, cereal as it serves as natural sweetener.

• Milk powder recipe
1/2 cup Almonds
1/2 cup Cashews
15-20 Unsalted & Unroasted Pistachios
10-15 Cardamom (peeled)
1/4 Nutmeg or Jayphal
15 Strands of Kesar

Lightly roast all nuts in a pan on low to medium flame and let them cool.
Once nuts are completely cool, add it to a blending jar with peeled cardamom, nutmeg, and saffron and blend till smooth. The texture would be coarse unless you sieve it.
• How to use milk powder?
To use dry fruits milk powder, take 200 ml of milk and boil it. Add 1 table spoon milk powder when you start to boil as this way saffron releases a lot of flavour and colour till milk has boiled.
Let this milk rest till its lukewarm before serving it to your child.

Cut 4 anjeer or figs and add it to 200 ml of milk. Boil this milk till figs turn soft, it will take approx 10-12 mins.
Blend the milk and serve.

Take 4 dates and cut them into small pieces. Add this to 200 ml of milk and bring milk to boil. Now cook for another 10 mins on lowest flame till dates soften.
Once milk has cool down, add it to blending jar and blend smooth.

I like to make saffron milk in a big batch and store it in fridge as my kids love saffron milk.
To make saffron milk, you need
1 litre milk
4-5 almonds
4-5 cashews
6-7 Pistachios (unsalted)
4-5 Cardamom (powder)
15 strands of Saffron

I will cut thin julienne of all nuts and add it to 1 litre milk along with cardamom and saffron. I always add saffron even when milk is cold and I have not started to boil as saffron releases colour once milk gets hot, so add early.
Boil this milk on low flame for at least 15 minutes and cool to serve.
If I were to suggest only one recipe out of all mentioned in video, it will be this one!

1 ripe banana
200 ml of milk

Blend milk and banana together and banana milkshake is ready.

Another super weight gain banana milk recipe:
1 banana
3 Almonds (soaked and peeled)
1 table spoon khas khas or poppy seeds (soaked in lukewarm water for around 10 mins)
200 ml of cold milk

Blend all above in a blending jar.
This is another baby weight gain recipe apart from “BANANA SNACK” I have mentioned in video.

As soon as Winters approaches, I start giving turmeric or golden milk to my kids every night before bed. Turmeric helps fight all viruses and bacterial infections in kids and toddlers and gives them immense immunity against such infections.

Recipe is very simple.
Warm 200 ml of milk and add 1/4 tea spoon of turmeric to it. Blend or simply mix and serve. You can give turmeric milk to 6+ months baby as well.

To make Carrot milkshake, take 2 carrots and grated them. Saute grated carrots without using any oil or ghee on medium flame, so that all raw flavour of carrot is gone.
Once saute carrot has cool down, add it to a blender, with few soaked and peeled almonds, little cardamom powder and cold milk.
Blend it all and your carrot milkshake is ready.
All kids favourite hot chocolate! You can use Cacao powder too if you want to make a healthier version of this milk. As Cacao is unsweetened, add some honey to make it sweet.

1 cup or 200 ml of warm milk
1 spoon chocolate powder
Blen them together and yumm hot chocolate is ready.

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