How To Grow Fennel

How To Grow Fennel | 8 Steps for Growing Fennel -Gardening Tips
Growing fennel is often easier than finding it in your grocery store. Here’s how to grow fennel and have it gracing your dishes and salads all season long. To find all the best brands for your home, shop at

These 8 simple steps help you for growing fennel in your garden.
Kathy Laliberte, talk’s in this video how to grow fennel to make salads all season long.

So learn how to harvest fennel from seed by this step by step video breakdown.

Fennel is a cool weather crop that grows best in spring or fall. Growing fennel for its base that has a texture like celery.

Though you can sow fennel directly into your garden it works better to start them indoors and then transplant them into your garden.

Once your fennel seeds are ready for transplant, prepare your soil by using a small spade to loosen and turn.

Plant fennel six to eight inches apart.

Fennel grows quickly and can be harvested any time after the bulbs get to be about three inches in diameter. Pull out the entire plant and cut away the roots and most of the foliage.

When fennel is picked small the bulbs are sweet and crunchy. Young fennel is delicious raw, and can be sliced thinly and added to any salad.

When fennel bulbs get to be five or six inches across they get to be a bit tough to eat raw but are still good for soups and stews. Likewise, the bulbs are wonderful braised with fish or meats.

To make sure you have enough fennel, start a new batch every two weeks. It takes no time at all for these seedlings to be ready for your garden so you can have fennel growing all season long. For a Fall crop of fennel, for example, start your seeds in July.

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