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Pesticides and Herbicides are two of the most common pollutants that are often missed by consumers in assessing the quality of their products. Both have been linked to many critical illnesses, some are even deemed harmful to the environment as much as our own body.

Our Lexmin organic certified farm is fully committed to “NO Chemicals used” and does not compromise on its Hygiene, Safety, Quality, and Efficacy.
Understand what you consume and you will begin to benefit even more from nature’s best harvest.

We are an advocate of organic and non-chemically processed food as our mission statement is “Good Health through Nature”.

We are committed to bringing you nature’s best harvests in the most natural and chemical-free ways.

Lexmin products and farms are certified Organic by ECOCERT in compliance with USDA, EU-NON, and Canada Organic with safety approval from HACCP, GMP, GAP, GHP, and Vegan Australia ensuring quality from our farm to you without compromising on its quality.

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