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Our Tiny Gardener is presenting her experiment on growing Microgreens. Let us grow healthy food in our kitchen in few days in a simple and effective way.

Microgreens are baby plants which has crossed sprouts stage and not reached plant stage.

Microgreens can be grown in any location of your house without much effort. Microgreens can be grown in balconies or kitchen windows.

Microgreens are packed with nutrients. Nutrients content vary for each which include potassium, zinc, iron and copper. Microgreens are great source for antioxidant.

This video make growing Microgreens a child play. The step by step guide by our Tiny Gardener makes it clear for kids to follow.

If planned perfectly you can consume nutritious food in any lock down. You can prepare salads, crunchy fillings, as food toppings on Dosa or Pizza(home made), in dal curry and so on. Microgreens play great role in most of the Thai recipes.

Let us stay safe and eat healthy.

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