Orchid Care for Beginners

This video is sponsored by rePotme and the media and pots used were provided by them. Check them out here https://go.missorchidgirl.com/repotme2
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Today I will show you how to repot Phalaenopsis Orchids! This will be an easy, step by step, detailed tutorial which will help you repot your Phalaenopsis Orchid the right way!

Phalaenopsis orchids are the most popular Orchids on the market, but many times new Orchids are unhappy in their pots, so they require repotting into fresh, suitable medium. I am using products especially created for Orchids, from rePotme, visit their store here https://go.missorchidgirl.com/repotme2

1. Unpot the orchid from its pot and gently remove as much of the old medium, or soil, as you can. Don’t reuse it, it isn’t good anymore!

2. Rinse the Orchid roots at the sink with lukewarm water and further remove the old medium as much as you can, without breaking the roots.

3. Cut away any mushy roots, they are not good for the Orchid anymore.

4. Use a pot which is the same size, if the Orchid doesn’t have many good roots, or one size up if the Orchid has a nice root system. Here are the pots I use https://youtu.be/0-9OZArkHUU and you can purchase them from rePotme here https://go.missorchidgirl.com/Stjj80

5. Use a good fresh Orchid medium, which suits your home, or environment. I use:

– Phalaenopsis Monterey Dark Imperial Orchid Mix, learn more about it here https://go.missorchidgirl.com/0KeZO4

– Phalaenopsis AAA Imperial Orchid Mix, learn more about it here https://go.missorchidgirl.com/kSHk4l

– Phalaenopsis Dark Classic Orchid Mix https://go.missorchidgirl.com/iFEr1a

This video is sponsored by rePotme and the pots and medium used have been provided by them for the purpose of this Orchid Care Guide video.

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