We’ve seen many shortages over the past year and a half. But a soil shortage? It’s true, there is a lack of good soil and I’m not just talking about top soil.

0:00 Why There Is A Soil Shortage
1:57 How to grow food with less
2:39 No-Till Gardening uses a lot of soil.
3:07 Garden Tour
3:28 Establishing Raised Crop Rows
4:44 Raised Beds require the most soil and inputs.
5:39 How Turn Your Soil into Healthy Garden Soil
7:36 How to amend ground soil.
8:54 What We Planted in our garden.
10:32 Using Hardwood Mulch Around Seedlings
11:18 Benefits of Hardwood Mulch
13:11 How Hardwood Mulch can help your soil growth.
17:35 How big should I make a vegetable garden?
19:38 How to avoid a soil shortage.

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