Sow the Seed- Love for Nature

This video is part of event held at Brahma Kumaris | Jagdamba Bhawan Meditation & Retreat centre, Pune.

There are more than 1.8 billion youths in the world at present, (according to UN – 2019 July report) 90% of the youth live in developing countries, over 40 crore youth live in countries suffering from armed conflict. Today, the younger generation faces many challenges. 1 out of every 5 youth does not have employment, education, or training. Millions of minor girls become mothers at an early age. Also, mental health problems are increasing among the youth.
In the midst of all these things, in this era of the global pandemic, in view of all the problems related to employment and health, millions of youths associated with Brahma Kumaris are constantly thinking and striving for world peace.

‍️‍️ Youth for Global Peace
️ *Sow the Seed🪴

LIVE Online Webinar for Youths(18-35 yrs)‍️‍️

The aim of this program is basics of Plantation.
1. Different types of saplings that can be planted and their specialities.
2. Choice of saplings for indoor, outdoor & balcony/kitchen garden
3. Choice of mitti & fertilizer for different saplings
4. What are the things/ tools that a beginner requires to plant a tree/sapling
5 Plantation of Trees v/s seasonal plants v/s flower plants

️ Motivational Talks & Experience Sharing
BK Balaso Rugee

️ Date: 14th June 2021, Monday

⏰Time:- 7pm to 8.30pm IST followed by Live QnA

Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 9429 695 1740

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The session will be conducted in Hindi language

🧘‍️Youth Wing & Brahma Kumaris, Jagdamba Bhawan Meditation and Retreat Centre, Pune🧘‍️

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